Welcome to the world of dragoplus products

We are here to help you find a solution. Maybe it will be a small thing, but it will significantly improve the comfort of life and the feeling of the body by a small patient who you look after and for whom you are responsible. A small thing that will allow you to create for him a cozy world, a substitute for home and a sense of security in this environment full of challenges and pain for him.

     This little human being who just came into the world, and at the beginning of his life path due to various sick complications, was forced to survive in hospital conditions – he needs special care from you.

  • Still developing nervous system and brain for necessary reasons are bombarded with various stimuli, causing pain, fear and loss of the sense of comfort and safety.
  • In addition, the continuous presence of devices that on the one hand support the still weak breathing and life processes, but on the other hand they are an unnatural element in everyday puberty, limit the freedom of movement, cause discomfort, and often pain.
  • For this medical examination and continuous control of vital signs, often invasive, associated with the puncture of delicate skin. After some of these types of hospital procedures, a small patient needs many hours to regain balance and calm down.

     All this is necessary activities, medical achievements, supporting the struggle for survival, for a better future life, as close as possible to that of healthy children.

As a parent, family member or nursing care of this little man, you observe how the unusually strong will to live in his frail and small body manifests itself in the fight against pain and suffering. You see it in this unique body language that defends itself in different ways and gives you signs. And you want to do even a small thing that this little patient will be able to pick up as support from you and feel relief in these difficult conditions.

  • Perhaps your patient due to a defect or illness with which he is fighting requires something special, which you did not find. Inspire us with a question – we will look for a solution.
  • Maybe you already have a ready idea? Share it with us – we will gladly implement it.

     This is how our products dragOplus arise. Nurses, doctors, caregivers of these small patients often use provisional, but very good and useful solutions from towels, diapers or other materials available on their daily basis. We observe it, ask questions, listen to the answers. Then, in cooperation with graphic designers and companies supplying us with specialized materials, we create a ready product that is useful in everyday care of a small patient.

Join us in the process of creating new dragOplus products.